A Love Letter to My Home

This week’s Quilt Diaries entry is a love letter to the city and state I live in. I love living in a suburb of Denver and in the great state of Colorado! There are so many great things I enjoy about it – our awesome weather (yes, even the snow), so many great outdoor spaces in our city, and so many cool places to shop and eat. I’ve missed enjoying these things about my city with the Stay At Home order in place and with so many businesses up in the air. I started to get sad about not being about to do these things right now and all the changes that have happened. I allowed myself a bit of time to work through the sadness and then thought about how I could be more positive about all this.

The outcome was a love letter of sorts about all the things I enjoy about my city. I started to list the things I love about where I live and the places I love to visit. Here’s what my list included:

  • Enjoying all the great trails and outdoor parks in my area (fortunately, I’ve been able to do more of that as a way to get out of the house and exercise, safely, of course).
  • Coffee with my daughter or stitching on my own at my favorite coffee shops. I have many I enjoy all over the city – Corvus, 303 Coffee, Festive Cup, Fika, and my neighborhood Starbucks, too.
  • Lunch or dinner at some of my favorite places – Little Anitas (get my Colorado Green Chili fix!), Jus Grill (awesome breakfast!), The Rock Restaurant and Bar.
  • Cheap date night with my hubby at Brothers Bar in Lone Tree on Tuesday Cheeseburger Nights.
  • Concerts at Red Rocks, one of the best outdoor concert venues ever!!
  • Concerts at the local high school. Their bands are so good and the kids are so talented!
  • A beer and a good conversation with my hubby or friends at some of my favorite local breweries – Dry Dock, Two 22 Brew.
  • Mountain drives and picnics (we can fortunately still do this soon as long as we keep a distance)
  • Time at my brother’s lake house in the mountains. We had such a great extended family Thanksgiving there!
  • Shopping my favorite local quilt stores- Holly’s Quilt Cabin, Thread Loft, and more!
  • Just browsing my local Target, especially the Dollar Spot. I’ve always joked that Target needed a bar and it would be perfect and give me and my mom friends a comfortable place to catch up instead of chatting in in the aisle.
  • Cheering on the Broncos at a home game!
  • The college tour we got to take early this fall to University of Northern Colorado with my daughter. Hoping we can get more in soon so she can start making plans for her future.
  • Dreaming that my daughter will get to go to Prom and her graduation during her senior year next year.

The list keeps growing, too, as I continue to add things that I love and that make me happy. Creating the list has given me hope. I know things will never go back to where they were and in some ways I don’t think they should. Recently, I’ve found that people are kinder, notice each other more, and are going out of their way to help others. I think that’s the gift in all of this. I know that I’m more aware of how I treat others and make a point to acknowledge them and be kind.

I am hopeful that I will be back enjoying my city in familiar and new ways as soon as it’s safer to do so. For now, I’ll treasure my time at these places and all the good memories! Hope you and your loved ones are well!

Construction Notes

  • This quilt is one of my rare Quilt Diaries quilts that doesn’t have words. The Colorado “C” and the blue, white, yellow, and red are a very meaningful and recognizable motif for us Coloradans.
  • I used rough edge appliqué on this with my favorite Heat n Bond Lite iron-on adhesive product with a zigzag outer stitching.
  • For the quilting, I love the texture that simple lines that mimic the heart have.

For more information about these techniques, check out my blog post here.  

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