Be a Good Human Quilt

This week I had my first elbow bump/non-handshake at Target. An older gentleman struck up a conversation with me about all the shopping and Coronavirus. It was clear as the conversation progressed he was very afraid. He was 70 years old with some health issues. His brother had just died a few days ago and he is not able to fly to the funeral because of the virus threat. 

He also feared for his 94 year-old father who is at the VA hospital and he is not able to visit him. (They are trying to set up Skype for family members there). As I visited with this nice man, I finally saw beyond the media stories, frantic shopping, and toilet paper hoarding. 

He wasn’t the only older person shopping today. I also helped a lady grab some things off the bottom shelf as she was getting her groceries to prepare and another lady wished us both good luck over the next few weeks. 

This reminded me that there are others out there more vulnerable that need more help than some. A good reminder that this is much more than just what we see online or in the headlines. A reminder we need to do what we can to take care of ourselves to not impact others and help where we can. 

These interactions inspired the “Be a Good Human” mini quilt. At the end of the day we are in this together. If we help each other when we can we will all be better for it on on the other side of this crisis. So with this in mind, please check on each other, especially our older neighbors and family members. See what they might need from the store or make sure they know they can reach out if they are sick. I know our options are limited on how we can help given the nature of this virus, but maybe we can drop off supplies or food at their door if they can’t get out. Even a call to some high risk folks who have to self-isolate can remind them they are not alone. In this time of adversity, let’s do what we can to be good humans!

Take care everyone!

Construction Notes

  • The lettering on this quilt was made with glitter iron-on vinyl cut on my Cricut Maker. With this machine I was able to use a detailed font.
  • I did the appliqué and quilting first before adding the vinyl lettering.

For more information about this technique, check out my blog post here.  

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