Glass Etching Party

Make personalized glass and barware! This party works for smaller to medium sized groups. This is a great party to do with older teens and adults due to the safety precautions needed with the glass etching cream used in this project. 

Skill Level: Basic Crafting Skills

Supplies Needed:

Here’s a general supply list. The party plan goes into more detail and will help you plan specific supplies and quantities for each guest.

  • Armor Etch glass etching cream. 
  • Pre-cut plastic stencils.
  • Blue painters tape or masking tape to secure the stencil on the glass.
  • Bristle stencil brushes to apply the etching cream. We found ours at the dollar store.
  • Glassware of choice. We typically get our glassware from our local dollar store, which has good quality glassware for $1 each.
  • Disposable latex or latex-free gloves (always good to have on hand for guests who may have latex allergies).
  • Foam brushes or old toothbrushes to scrub off excess etching cream when rinsing.
  • Paper towels or towels to dry the glasses
  • Packing materials for guests to pack the glasses to take home (tissue paper, gift bags, etc.)

If your guests will make their own stencils, here are some optional supplies:

  • Premium removable vinyl. 
  • Transfer tape. Look for standard grip tape if possible.
  • Die cutting machine and related software/computer/tablet.

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